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Our oils have hundred of uses, wear as perfume, make sachets, refresh potpourri, scent soap and candles, use to make bath crystals, use in simmer pots with water, use with light ring to scent a room, use on your craft items, potpourri pies, use in spa, aroma therapy, to make your own potpourri, use in soap making, bath crystals making, and candle making, use with terra cotta diffusers to freshen your car, room, office,...

All our oils are highly concentrated, and should be used with cautious. Oils may stain fabric and may damage wood surfaces and plastic. Cinnamon, spice, and citrus oils, are irritating to eyes, and skin. Not for human consumption. Keep out of reach of children. All Designer Type Oils are Not Originals, and Not associated with any Brand Names.
All prices are wholesale prices.

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Bottle Arlene 54-Metal Cap (2 OZ.) (DOZEN)
Bottle Fancy Fan-Fabiana55-Metal Cap (2 OZ.) (DOZEN)
Bottle Rectangular Shape-Evelyn63-Metal Cap (2 OZ.) (DOZEN)
Bottle Atomizer Diamond Shape-Dorothy64-Metal Sprayer (2 OZ.) (DOZEN)
Bottle OBLONG PANEL-Monique56-Metal Cap (2 OZ.) (DOZEN)
Bottle Atomizer Crystal Shape-Manuela56-Metal Sprayer (2 OZ.) (DOZEN)
Bottle Grace 54-Metal Cap (2 OZ.) (DOZEN)
Bottle Crystal Shape-Manuela56-Metal Cap (2 OZ.) (DOZEN)
Bottle Atomizer Raquel 54-Metal Sprayer (2 OZ.) (DOZEN)
Bottle Atomizer Rectangular Shape-Evelyn63-Metal Sprayer (2 OZ.) (DOZEN)
Bottle Atomizer Arlene 54-Metal Sprayer (2 OZ.) (DOZEN)
Bottle Atomizer Fancy Fan-Fabiana55-Metal Sprayer (2 OZ.) (DOZEN)
Bottle Atomizer Tapered Oblong-Marlene56-Metal Sprayer (2 OZ.) (DOZEN)
Bottle Tapered Oblong-Marlene56-Metal Cap (2 OZ.) (DOZEN)
Bottle Atomizer OBLONG PANEL-Monique56-Metal Sprayer (2 OZ.) (DOZEN)
Bottle Diamond Shape-Dorothy64-Metal Cap (2 OZ.) (DOZEN)
Bottle Atomizer Grace 54-Metal Sprayer (2 OZ.) (DOZEN)
Bottle Raquel 54-Metal Cap (2 OZ.) (DOZEN)